Our goal is to offer a know-how approach to uplift and improve your overall well-being by incorporating long proven yoga science techniques into your everyday life. It is yoga for all. Our approach is holistic and our purpose is to help you achieve contentment and peace through closeness to God, as we have learned it from our own yoga teacher, the Self-Realized and Self-Illumined Master, Swami Kailashanandaji, known in American as Yogi Gupta.

His Holiness Yogiraj 108 Shri Swami Kailashanandaji Maharaj was born in Kanpur, United Provinces, North India, into the aristocratic, royal Gupta family. His given name was Kailash Nath Gupta. His ancestors had ruled India many centuries before. His saintly parents devoted themselves to good works on behalf of the people. For his American ministry Swami Kailashananda chose the name Yogi Gupta, to make it easier for Americans to pronounce and remember. To his disciples he was simply known as Guruji (revered, beloved Spiritual Preceptor).

In his youth he attended the best schools in India. After receiving a degree in Law, he was admitted to the Bar and practiced before one of the High Courts of India. He had a fabulous practice, as he never lost a case. One day, in the morning, as he was in his law office preparing a case for trial, he suddenly saw the seven lokas (planes of consciousness) with his mind’s eye. According to the law of destiny, that was the moment when his spiritual endeavors of previous lives bore fruit. He at once heard his Guru’s call. This experience instantly changed his life. He realized who he truly was: the man of the spirit rather than of the flesh, and therefore all his earthly ties instantly dissolved. Without telling anyone, including his parents, he abandoned his practice and all his possessions, and following his Guru’s call took a train to near where the Guru was staying, deep in the forests of the Himalaya Mountain Range in North India.

After several years of study with his Guru, in which time he mastered the nine major forms of Yoga, he was ordained a Swami (Monk) of the Holy Order of Sanyasa. He said of that time: “When I achieved Self-Realization, I became an intimate disciple of my Guru, and he treated me as his close friend… When the Guru took me into his confidence, I used to help him in his spiritual work. At the request of my Guru, I would take charge of his followers across the world who were seeking his spiritual guidance and enlightenment, and I would maintain a mental contact with them continuously.”

With the divine blessings of his Guru he next lived the life of a wandering monk, helping people to achieve radiant health and spiritual development. He also studied Nature Cure, and after full certification received the official title Prakratik Chikitsa Acharya (Professor of Naturotherapeutics), under the famed Swami Shivananda in the latter’s Yoga Vedanta Forest University in Rishikesh. In addition to his duties as professor and physician he was the editor-in-chief of the University’s world-renowned medical journal.

Kailashananda Mission Trust in Laxmanjhula, on the bank of the Holy Ganges River was founded by Yogi Gupta in 1952. There he established, among others, a health sanatorium and the now famous Swarg Niwas Temple, thirteen stories high, which is visited every year by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over India and the world. The Mission is run by his disciples and devotees.

In 1954 he came to the United States, in his own words: “…in response to the request from my Guru, who is no longer in a physical body (but can materialize into a human body at will); his guidance and instructions always come to me through invisible source. It was one evening in Gorakahpore situated in the northern part of India, Himalayan range that my Guru called me and told me that I should go to the Western Hemisphere in general, and the United States of America in particular, to disseminate the true teachings which have been so far known to the few. My Guru stated that now the West is ready and these teachings should be fully imparted to them. … For five years I studied the people of America, their way of life, their culture, and their needs, and it was in 1959 that finally I came to the conclusion that the people of the West should be freely initiated into these higher and occult teachings.”

By 1959 Yogi Gupta had a following of dedicated, advanced disciples, who came to him from all over America and other continents. Ten years later he established Yogi Gupta Ashram in New York, first in Manhattan and later in Queens. A number of his disciples have initiated their own endeavors in his name across America and Canada to spread his teachings.

The Master brought knowledge to America that it never had access to before. As a matter of fact, Americans who go to India to seek higher knowledge would be very hard pressed to find it there as well. In 2003 there was a remarkable ceremony in India, at which the Master was honored for his great life’s work on behalf of humanity. At that event, thanks to the agency of his nephew Advocate Prem Kumar Gupta, he was inaugurated as a member of the Kanpur Bar Association by the Honorable Chief Justice of India. The Master’s photo and the books on yoga which he had authored were also inaugurated at this event, attended by hundreds of prominent members of Indian society. Many national and international diplomas and certificates have been issued to the Master by various world-recognized organizations, attesting to the importance of his work on behalf of mankind. These documents are under the personal care of Mr. Prem Kumar Gupta, on behalf of posterity.

After a short stay in New York in the spring of 2009 the Master left America, never to return. He continued to watch after his American disciples and devotees from a distance, and on May 6, 2011 he went into MahaSamadhi, the conscious exit from the human body after which there is no compulsory return.

Although he is no longer in physical body, but can materialize into a human body at will, he continues to guide and instruct seekers through psychic communication from the spiritual plane.

Swami Vishnudevanand, Swami Laxmandayanand and Laxman Dass are senior disciples of the Self-Realized Master Yogi Gupta. They each began their study at His Holy feet in the 1970’s and continued until Master’s Mahasamadhi in 2011. It is the timeless wisdom which this Great Master disseminated tirelessly for over 56 years of teaching in America, that they share during the ceremonies and in the classes at the Yoga Whole Life Center.

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Psychic Development and Psychic Healing ~ each Monday at 7:30PM.

These are classes in the creation of psychic phenomena which concern the law of mental attraction. When you gain understanding of this law, you use it for the materialization of your thoughts to make your dreams come true. This course is learning how to pray scientifically. It requires no rigorous training. Just practice the techniques at home and you are on your way. The power to heal lies within you. In these lessons you learn to awaken and apply that power for your well-being and the well-being of others. Dakshina (tithes): $10 per lesson.

Pranayama ~ each Wednesday at 6:30PM.

Pranayama is the control of the breath. By learning various breathings a practitioner can promote his health and well-being, and learn how to control his mind. Dakshina (tithes): $10 per class.

Holy Satsang ~ each Wednesday evening at 7:30PM.

Satsang is a religious service to celebrate the Divine, with chanting, shared experiences, and fellowship. Holy Prashad (sanctified food) is served. Kindly call or email us with a reservation 24 hours in advance. Dakshina (tithes): free will offering
The Bhagavad Gita: Guidance For The Modern Age ~ each Sunday at 5PM.

Learn the advice Krishna gave his chief disciple Arjuna to enable him to raise himself above the turmoil and problems of the world. Advice just as practical and powerful today as it was 5000 years ago. Dakshina (tithes): $10 per class.
Meditation Service ~ each Sunday at 6PM.

By learning how to control the mind the practitioner gains control over all aspects of his life. Meditation is especially helpful to the spiritual aspirant as steady practice leads to an awakening of one’s inner voice of intuition. Dakshina (tithes): $10 per class.
Prayer For Peace Service ~ each Saturday at 8:30AM, by invitation.

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Spiritual Consultation ~ by appointment

On-site Retreats ~ Contact us for information.

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